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Scituate Dedicates Easter Rising Memorial

106 years after the Easter Rising in Ireland, Scituate officially dedicated a monument to honor the importance of the event. The monument was paid for with private funds and serves as another tribute to Scituate and the South Shore’s Irish Heritage.
The Rising took place during Easter Week in 1916 against British rule after members of the Irish Republican Brotherhood Military Council, the Irish Volunteer Force, and the Irish Citizen Army successfully took over prominent buildings around Dublin. They held out for six days before the British executed the seven citizens that planned the Rising. 16 additional leaders of the Rising were later executed, and roughly 3,000 more were arrested in connection to the responsible groups. The fight displayed by those who were executed and arrested inspired others to continue to fight and eventually win their freedom.
Thank you again to those who supported this initiative and who were able to join us for the dedication.

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