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Strengthening our Economy


The Commonwealth should be a great place to live, to work, an to raise a family. As part of that goal, I am proud to advocate for legislation and funding that directly benefits the South Shore economy.


Investing in local growth

Senator O’Connor believes in investing in our economy so that we will continue to see strong returns on those investments. This has included helping small businesses and organizations grow, securing grants and directed community funding for local economic projects, and prioritizing long-term, sustainable economic growth.

To list a few, Senator O’Connor has secured the following economic development bonds:

  • $3 Million for Scituate for the repair, replacement, and construction of water infrastructure,
  • $3 million for water infrastructure development at Union Point, 
  • $1 million for economic development at Weymouth landing, 
  • $1 Million for Hull to invest in streetscape and parking improvements and business development in the Hull Nantasket Beach Front Business District,
  • $2 Million for Marshfield for the construction of a Business Climate Innovation Center to assist businesses on climate adaptation, resilience and reducing emissions, and
  • $2 Million for Norwell that will go towards the design, planning, construction, and renovation of Norwell Town Center

Holding the Line on Excessive spending and taxation

  • Proposed multiple bills that would establish tax credits for middle class families, small businesses, people taking care of elderly relatives or individuals with disabilities, fishermen, employers of veterans, college tuition loan-payers, disabled veterans’ property, teachers’ classroom supplies, hearing aids, and more. 
  • Consistently votes against legislation that proposes unsustainable taxes. Most recently, Senator O’Connor voted against the tax provision in the Transportation Bond Bill.
  • Actively supporting legislation that would prevent taxpayers from being billed for the costs of expanding pipelines, also known as the pipeline tax.
  • Senator O’Connor was one of the only Legislators to not only vote against the legislative pay raise, but to also file the necessary paperwork to return his stipend back to the Commonwealth’s general fund.

Supporting local unions and the middle class

Senator O’Connor has always believed in the value of labor. As the son of a union nurse and union plumber, he was taught at a very young age the importance of being able to collectively bargain, earn a living wage, and have access to health and retirement benefits. For his entire career, Patrick has supported and demanded project labor agreements, fought for workers’ rights to collectively bargain, stood with unions against efforts of privatization, and voted in favor of legislation that directly benefits the hardworking men and women of organized labor in Massachusetts.

Securing Grant Funding for Local Growth

Senator O'Connor was an integral part in securing the following funding:

  • $3 Million in grant funding to support the agriculture, commercial fishing, and cranberry growing industries of the Commonwealth.
  • $1 Million for the construction of a Community Rowing Center and a Marine Science Center near the public waterfront.
  • $1 million from the Seaport Economic Council (SEC) for Marshfield to construct a new 7,058-square-foot building to support local commercial fishermen and the working waterfront. The building will also focus on increasing tourism, recreational boating, and fishing, and will link other waterfront infrastructure investments in the town, including Harbor Park and the Esplanade of the Brant Rock business district.
  • $2 Million for Hingham through the Massachusetts Dredging Program to remove an estimated 62,000 cubic yards of sediment from the Hingham Inner Harbor and allow for all-tide use of the boat ramp and restore all-tide access to over 230 public moorings.
  • $250,000 for the South Shore Music Circus through the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Supporting Businesses through COVID-19 

  • Helped dozens of local small businesses retain their employees and keep the lights on during the economic shutdown. 
  • When the state of emergency began, our office was all-hands-on-deck to help individuals and businesses apply for loans, grants, and navigate the new economy through COVID-19. We were able to help hundreds of individuals overcome systematic issues and survive the shutdown.
  • Senator O’Connor hosted economic briefings in partnership with each Town’s Chamber of Commerce to provide updates and offer guidance to local businesses trying to navigate new laws and reopening structures.

Promoting Sustainable Housing Growth

  • Secured $323,000 in grant funding for Weymouth and Hingham through the Housing Choice Community Capital Grant Program for infrastructure improvements in communities that have shown commitment to advancing sustainable housing production.
  • Served on the South Shore Chamber of Commerce’s Housing Working Group which studied and reported six strategies to preserve and enhance our high quality of life by building a stronger regional economy and housing market.

Notable Information

  • Member of the Joint Committees on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies, Community Development and Small Business, and Labor and Workforce Development
  • Working hands-on to protect and rebuild or local and state economies in the time of COVID-19
  • Securing millions in state funding and bonds to support local infrastructure projects, main street development, job retention, and growth.


For a question on any of Senator O’Connor’s votes or policy that he supports please click here to ask us.