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SalterieOne Sea Salt Opens in Duxbury

Congratulations to Lily Leedom and SalterieOne Sea Salt on the grand opening of your new space in Duxbury! It was great to join Reps. Cutler and LaNatra to congratulate Lily and her team on this exciting milestone, and learn about the intricate process they undertake to make their sea salt.

SalterieOne’s signature product – Classic Sea Salt – is hand-harvested by the team from Duxbury Bay. After collecting their source water from the Bay, the water is filtered and heated, and over time, sea salt flakes naturally form. These delicate flakes are then dried in a regulated environment to remove any remaining moisture and then are inspected for quality before being packaged.

Congratulations again to SalterieOne – we’re wishing you much success on this next step.

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