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Original 'Rosie the Riveter', Margaret Spalluzzi, Celebrates 100th Birthday

Today, I was honored to celebrate the 100th birthday of Margaret Spalluzzi at the Hingham Shipyard.
This was a particularly special event as Margaret is one of the original “Rosie the Riveters.” At 20 years old, she trained as a welder in Quincy and went on to work at the Hingham Shipyard during WWII. Her skilled craftsmanship helped build many of the 277 ships that launched from this shipyard. During her time there, the shipyard was awarded the Army-Navy “E” Award for excellence.
Margaret returned to the Hingham Shipyard to be honored by her friends, family, and local officials to celebrate not only her 100th birthday, but to be recognized for the amazing contributions that she and so many other women made during this very difficult time.
Happy Birthday, Margaret!

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