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O'Connor Celebrates Earth Week at Whitman's Pond

Weymouth is home to one of the largest annual herring spawning runs in the region and you can typically witness the River herring swimming upstream to Whitman’s Pond each year beginning in late April through June. These fish are born in freshwater, but spend the majority of their lives in the ocean. However, they return each year to the freshwater where they were originally born to spawn. This year approximately 350,000 herring will make their way up river.
In the mid-2000s, these herring experienced a significant population drop which caused concern considering the herring’s important role in the larger marine ecosystem. To address the issue, the Town of Weymouth completed the Weymouth Herring Passage and Smelt Habitat Restoration Project in the Back River in October of 2020 - Rep. James Murphy, Speaker Ron Mariano, and Sen. O'Connor were able to secure $350,000 from the state for this project.
This afternoon, Senator O'Connor joined Ron Amidon, Commissioner of the Department of Fish and Game (DFG), Mayor Bob Hedlund, George Loring and Phil Lofgren, Weymouth’s Herring Run Wardens, and members of the DFG at the Herring Brook in Weymouth to celebrate the completion of the restoration project and Earth Week.
Project’s like this are critical to preserving the health of our environment. Thank you to everyone who played a role in advancing this initiative to protect the herring.

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