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MSPCA State House Advocacy Day

We had a few special visitors at the State House this afternoon! Those visitors and the MSPCA-Angell joined us today to raise awareness for two bills that seek to protect pets in doggie daycares and boarding facilities.
H.949, also known as Ollie’s law, would set specifications on staff to dog ratios, group sizes and supervision, minimum housing and care requirements, indoor and outdoor physical facility requirements, dog handling, and insurance at doggie daycare’s and boarding kennels.
S.1322 stops the sale of puppies and kittens under 8 weeks, creates rules for boarding facilities and breeders, stops the roadside sale of animals, and clarifies that the law does not consider dogs and cats as livestock.
I am proud to be an active supporter of these two pieces of legislation and will continue to work with my colleagues to protect our four-legged friends.

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