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North Weymouth Civic Association Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Congratulations to the North Weymouth Civic Association (NWCA) on your 50th anniversary!
Last night, I joined with the community to thank those who have contributed to the success of the organization and dedicated their time to advocating for their fellow residents, businesses, and community at large. In particular, it was an honor to present John Peruzzi, an original co-founder of the NWCA in 1972, with a citation from the Commonwealth recognizing his contribution to civic life in Weymouth.
During the meeting, Mayor Bob Hedlund delivered the annual State of North Weymouth address, John Peruzzi sang the National Anthem, and we were able to give news that the NWCA officially received the $25,000 in funding my office was able to secure for them in last year’s state budget.
Congratulations again and cheers to another 50 great years of the NWCA!

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