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Fore River Delegation Submits Brief to FERC Supporting Compressor Station Rehearing

On April 3rd, Senator O'Connor submitted a brief to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) outlining all the reasons why the compressor station in Weymouth needs to be shut off.
O'Connor said he was "honored and grateful to have each member of the Fore River Basin Delegation join me in submitting this brief."
"FERC gave us the opportunity to answer four specific questions as to why they should reverse their authorization of the project, which was a clear case to make," he continued.
Throughout the 15-page brief, O'Connor and his colleagues reviewed the FERC’s responsibilities under the Natural Gas Act, the need for more accurate baseline air quality data, the lack of need for the compressor station for Massachusetts to meet energy demands, and the sheer unprecedented nature of the physical siting of the station itself.
Just three days after this brief was filed, Enbridge experienced its third unplanned blowdown at the site. The unplanned release comes mere months after Enbridge implemented the recommendations handed to them by PHMSA. The public is yet to learn the true reasoning for the malfunction.
"The people of the Fore River Basin deserve a rehearing – it is the clear and only reasonable course of action," said O'Connor.

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