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State Legislators Speak Against U.S. Capitol Protests

Republican State Senator Patrick O’Connor says the protests are anti-American, anti-democratic, and show the complete divide in the country.

“What government has become over the past 12-14 years with the advent of social media, has turned public service into a game that is completely based in division,” said O’Connor. “This is not where we should be as a country. It’s not where we should be as a society. We really need to come together and not label people as a Democrat, Liberal, Conservative, or a Moderate – but actually just label people as Americans. Find problems that we have and try to get solutions to them.”

O’Connor says the common-sense form of government was made him want to get into office when he was younger.

State Representative Patrick Kearney, a Democrat, says this was a sad day for the United States. He’s hoping strong, courageous voices in Washington, D.C. can unite the country.

“This should have never happened. The American people deserve a peaceful transfer of power under the Constitution. The elections were fair. We understand that the COVID circumstances made the election look different, but we’ve seen across the country where court cases have been heard, heard by reputable people, and found there is no evidence of election fraud,” said Kearney. “It’s so frustrating that we are not recognizing the necessary peaceful transfer of power under the Constitution of the United States.”

Both legislators are hoping to see unity closer to what takes place on Beacon Hill.



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