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Proposed Hingham/Hull Ferry & Greenbush Cuts

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This fall, MBTA officials proposed deep service cuts that would stretch across the entire public transit system, impacting all modes of public transportation amid dwindling ridership and a widening budget gap. The proposed cuts ranged from $65 million to $255 million.

In order to makeup the difference, the MBTA looked at significant service cuts, line eliminations, and station closures for some low-ridership bus routes and commuter rail lines, as well as the Hingham/Hull ferry. On November 9th, officials unveiled their initial proposal which included temporarily suspending all Hingham and Hull ferry service, not running commuter rail train on weekends or after 9pm, and reducing subway service by 20% during peak times and 40% in off peak times.

The MBTA held 11 virtual public meetings through December 3rd to accept public feedback, and also offered residents the opportunity to submit written comment, on the proposed service changes. 

Thanks to everyone who took the time to help in the South Shore’s efforts to save the Ferry, Bus Routes, and Commuter Rail, the MBTA's Fiscal Management & Control Board (FMCB) voted to maintain these critical services.

The official vote, which was taken on December 14, 2020, calls for:

- Ferry service to continue to operate and scale back up as ridership increases. The exact schedule is still to be determined but the ferry will still serve both Hingham and Hull.

- Greenbush Commuter Rail will run on weekdays until 9pm at a reduced frequency. There will be an emphasis on peak runs and the frequency will also pick back up as ridership increases.

- The 714 bus in Hull will maintain some service, the specifics are yet to be determined but we are assured it will be acceptable to meet ridership demand and will also increase as ridership picks up.

To be clear, the overwhelming feedback from those on the South Shore had a direct impact on the adjustments made by the MBTA’s Fiscal Management Control Board (FCMB). Thank you to those who spoke up and to the MBTA’s FMCB for listening to us.
The final plan voted on by the FMCB may be found here.

The proposal to severely cut services for the Hingham and Hull Ferry and Greenbush Line is counterproductive to everything we have invested in public transportation for the South Shore. Over the past two decades we have invested millions to make the South Shore accessible to commuters, modernize transportation, get cars off the street, and help reach our environmental goals. With the Greenbush line having only been completed in 2005, and just getting ridership up to where we wanted it to be, to limit operations will undo all of these efforts. It is imperative that we strive to retain these services as we weather the COVID-19 pandemic and associated budget restrictions, so that the South Shore and surrounding areas do not suffer long-term losses to our community, our economy, and our future. - Senator O'Connor